Friday, June 24, 2011

Dallin Baptism

My cute nephew Dallin on His Baptism Day!! This is is mom and dad who are so proud of him and I am too!! Beautiful lighting and beautiful people make beautiful pictures!!!

Three things you need t prepare for Baptism and a mission is...
Work!! ,

Prayer!! ,

And Scripture Study!!

Father and Son!!

Right Before the baptism

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brynna Carol

My new niece Brynna Carol, welcome to the world.

Once asleep I pretty much just kept snapping pictures of this darling little one!! Using my Nikon D80 and a f5 these pics turned out not too bad. It was later in the day so I couldn't use a very quick shutterspeed, not enough light, but with her sleeping it didn't really matter :)

Kennedi Rose 4 months

OH MY HEART!! This little one has the cutest little face and outfit. Sadly I think that the hat was a little bit two heavy for her because she couldn't sit up very well with it on!!

I shot these photos in the morning with natural light through large windows in her home. Using my camera of choice, Nikon D80, at about an f4 and 1/100.